Support local Southwark talent and springboard their careers

You play an integral role in uplifting Southwark's best

SouthWRK is here to assist undergraduates or recent graduates from under-represented backgrounds to apply and secure valuable paid work opportunities with local employers. 

We're seeking local employers who can provide a young learner, who expressed interest in your sector, with an interesting, mutually beneficial project to complete. 

Our collaborative approach involves understanding the candidate profile you seek and co-creating opportunities that deliver value to both your organisation and the intern you bring on board.

Makes a impact

Through this program, you'll offer a current student or recent graduate an invaluable industry perspective.

At the early stages of their academic journey, your involvement will significantly enhance their employability skills.

Together, we are actively shaping the future of our students and contributing to the growth of our local business ecosystem.

Works around you

This opportunity offers flexibility, with durations ranging from a minimum of 6 weeks to more extended periods, full-time or part-time, available year-round, all without demanding an extensive time commitment

The project may be self-contained or form part of a larger, ongoing project.

We do the matching and vetting and even support you in finetuning your internship at NO cost to you.

Benefits Southwark

Engaging with SouthWRK not only benefits your business but also has a positive ripple effect on Southwark and its local enterprises. 

By providing valuable work experience to current students and graduates, you're actively contributing to the community's growth and prosperity.

This experience greatly enhances their employability skills and transforms them into potential entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the local business landscape.

By employing a young learner you can:

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Attract new and diverse talent

Engaging with SouthWRK allows your organisation to tap into a diverse pool of early-stage talent

Hiring interns through this program infuses your team with fresh perspectives, unique skills, and different backgrounds, enhancing creativity and innovation within your workplace.

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Develop your existing staff

Mentoring and supervising young learners from SouthWRK not only aids the interns but also promotes the professional development of your existing staff

By guiding and mentoring, your team gains valuable experience in coaching and leadership, fostering personal growth for your employees.

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Access free business support

You gain access to free business support services designed to assist you in recruiting and onboarding interns seamlessly. 

This support can include guidance on creating intern roles, matching candidates, and optimising the internship experience to be more efficient and effective.

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Support local learners

Your involvement in SouthWRK benefits your organisation and also contributes to the growth of young professionals in your community. 

By offering internships, you're providing a valuable platform for local young people to kickstart their careers and achieve their aspirations.

Express your interest


What impact will hosting an internship have on my business?

Hosting an internship allows you to make a difference by providing a current student or graduate with insights into your industry, enhancing their employability skills development. Hosting an internship aligns with social responsibility initiatives and can positively impact your company's social value agenda.

You'll also receive a certificate of participation from Gradcore, and your logo will be showcased on our website and throughout Southwark Council.

How much of my time will this require?

The project can be self-contained or part of a larger project, and you have the option to accompany it with work shadowing. The time commitment is flexible and can be tailored to your availability.

What kind of projects can I assign to an intern?

Potential projects include data presentation, report production, social media management, internet-based research, user surveys, research into target clients and markets, digitization of materials, and more.

Who will I be working with as an intern host?

You will most likely work with a student from a low-socio-economic background, giving them valuable exposure to your field. Each student is vetted and undergoes training to ensure they make the most of the opportunity. The program is designed to provide a safe and meaningful experience.

What are the next steps if I'm interested in hosting an intern?

If you're interested, please complete the short Expression of Interest form provided on the page. Completing the form indicates your interest, and it does not commit you to offering an internship.

If you have more questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to support you in this exciting opportunity!

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This fully funded programme of support is sponsored by Southwark Council and allows us to support more undergraduates from the London Borough of Southwark to access competitive internships/placements.